If you are a content marketing professional, the chances are that you have an awful lot on your plate every day. But what if you could make some of your tasks easier, or even automated?  Enter: content marketing apps.

From writing to planning content, from researching SEO to publishing blog posts, you can bet that there is an app out there that lets you do exactly that – and in a fraction of the time. Keen to hear more?

Then, keep reading our essential guide to the ten best content marketing apps and tools that help you manage your content smoothly and seamlessly – from start to finish!

1. Grammarly

Every content writer absolutely needs to use this handy little tool. With Grammarly, you can review and edit pieces of content and spot any mistakes in order to get your piece as close to perfection as possible.

Grammarly identifies incorrect writing aspects such as grammar, punctuation, spelling, and word usage, giving you suggestions on how to fix them. All this is available with the free version, but if you want an even more thorough proofreading tool then you can opt for the paid plans.

2. SEMRush

Calling all SEO experts! If you are not already using SEMRush, then you are missing out. This tool helps you see all the keywords that your rivals are using – and that helps them rank higher than you.

Simply enter a URL, and the app will generate a huge amount of keywords. The only downside? SEMRush isn’t a cheap option, although it’s definitely worth the investment.

3. Ahrefs

Another great tool for SEO research is Ahrefs. From tracking keyword rankings to analyzing your competitors’ keywords (and resulting traffic) this app is full of great features that can truly help take your SEO game to a whole new level.

4. Evernote

Are you more of a brainstorming type of marketer? Then, Evernote might be right up your street. With this platform, you can plot any future content, dump your (and your team’s) ideas, and save them for a later time.

Basically, Evernote is the digital equivalent of your old-style notebook – and its compatibility with laptops and smartphones makes it a cinch to access content whenever, wherever.

5. Canva

If you want to dress your content to impress, then Canva is a fantastic choice. With its virtually endless catalog of images, logos, and templates, Canva helps you select the best style for your brand, personalize it with your own content, securely store it, and download it for later use.

Canva offers both a free and a paid version. The paid membership is quite accessible, and definitely worth the money if you consider the number of extra options and features it gives you.

6. Trello

Those who are into branding need to check out Trello. This tool is awesome at boosting team collaboration and building your own brand, and it also lets you schedule, post, and share content. 

7. MailChimp

Whoever says that email marketing is dead clearly has never used MailChimp. This amazing tool makes email marketing easy peasy – and effective. Available for both desktops and mobile, MailChimp offers a free version that helps you cover a limited number of emails and subscribers.

With MailChimp, you can also segment your audience, build mail lists, and track cool metrics such as click-through rates, open rates, and subscribe/unsubscribe rates.

8. Hemingway

Another unmissable tool for any content writer is Hemingway. Named after, of course, the famous novelist, this free app proofreads your content and highlights (literally) any parts that can be improved.

Think about, for example, adverbs, passive voice, or complicated/wordy sentences. The result? A much smoother, easier-to-read, and compelling piece of writing that you can then use for work, school, or anything else.

9. Pexels

Do you know what makes great content even better? Stunning image. But instead of running to Shutterstock (and paying a fortune), take a look at its free counterpart: Pexels.

This is a great tool that allows you to search for, select, and download, hundreds of free images that you can then use on any of your content pieces. Remember, though, to properly attribute the image to the right creator, or you might risk getting into legal trouble.

10. Notion

Fancy a digital notebook like Evernote, but without having to pay for it? Notion is the answer. Simply create a free account and you can access a tonne of useful features and functionalities, including calendars, blog drafting, content scheduling, and more. 

Notion also comes as a handy – and free – mobile app. This is great, as it helps you stay on top of your to-do list, planning, and more, by allowing you to access your account at your fingertips.

Content Marketing Apps: Content Management, Optimized

Whether you are a content writer, content manager, content planner, or simply want a better and more structured way to organize your content strategy and your ideas, then the apps on our list can help.

Want even more tips, help, and resources on all things digital marketing? Check out the rest of our blog posts, or contact the team at Honest Labs today!